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Formed in 1902, International® Trucks is a leading producer of medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks and severe-service trucks. Our products, parts and services are sold through a network of nearly 1,000 dealer outlets in the United States, Canada, Brazil and Mexico.

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The increased sophistication and technical expertise required to work on today's on- and off-highway trucks contributes to a current shortage of automotive technicians. With nearly 1,000 locations worldwide, International® Trucks offers you an opportunity to pursue your career and discover what it's like to work with the best in the business.

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DISCLOSURE in compliance with California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010:

Navistar, Inc., provides the following disclosure on behalf of it and its subsidiaries and third-party designees (collectively "Navistar").

1. Navistar is creating a process for verification of its product supply chains to evaluate and address the risks of human trafficking and slavery. It is expected this process will be risk-based.

2. Navistar does not conduct audits to evaluate supplier compliance with company standards regarding human trafficking and slavery. For anyone aware of conduct contrary to the company standards and code of conduct, Navistar maintains a Business Abuse and Compliance hotline at 1-877-7DIALIT (1-877-734-2548) as well as an internet site at tnwinc.com/webreport/default.asp

3. Navistar is working on a process to request and receive certifications from its direct suppliers that materials incorporated into our products comply with laws regarding slavery and human trafficking.

4. Navistar is amending its internal policies to create accountability standards and procedures for employees who fail to meet company standards regarding slavery and trafficking.

5. Navistar trains employees and management with direct responsibility for supply chain management regarding human trafficking and slavery issues at regular intervals beginning in 2012.

6. Navistar has amended its standard terms and conditions to specifically prohibit its suppliers from engaging in any type of human trafficking and slavery.